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TASLAF has expanded traditional law firm pro bono services from the pursuit of justice for the poor, to the pursuit of impactful and collaborative interventions that can gainfully and sustainably create change in our societies. TASLAF’s pro-bono arm focuses on small businesses and start-ups, particularly social enterprises.  The major goal is to empower those qualifying entities and individuals to enable them create and enhance social impact in their local communities.

Legal services are expensive and are not easy to access especially in rural areas. In many instances where there is legal aid, the target has been to offer it to the most vulnerable and indigent members of society whose rights are being abused. Much of this legal aid does not target the entrepreneurial spirit of many African social enterprises. As a result, many entities are blocked out of access to legal services.

It is important to note that the value chain in many African economies is driven by associations united along the values of communalism. These include cooperatives, farmers groups, savings and cooperative organizations, etc. These sectors provide employment and are engines for growth. Despite the fact that these entities drive growth, they never grow to reach their potential and this is because of bottlenecks including but not limited to the lack of legal systems to spur the growth of Social Businesses. Many are run as individual or family businesses with limited corporate governance structures which stifles their growth. Even when negotiating for financing or participating in broader international trade practices, they are limited by their informality which ultimately affects their growth.

Recovery & Resilience-Probono Legal Support to Enterprises During COVID-19

This program seeks to assist and support SMEs through the effects of COVID-19 and enable business recovery. This program entails providing Pro Bono close and consistent legal support to enable business continuity through building business resilience.

The overarching objective of the legal support is to raise the management standards and practices of MSMEs. For MSMEs to survive, they must be able to adapt their operations to the new environment.


Download the TASLAF Recovery & Resilience brochure

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